The processing technology used to produce in series products is the injection moulding with special presses of the last generation. The main advantages of this technology are:

  • high productivity;
  • low costs of production;
  • automation of processes with the ability to produce parts with
  • complex geometries;
  • ensure a high quality product;
  • make moulds in coupling with metal inserts.


In addition, the plastic products can be assembled, set up, further refined, chrome, painted and paired with TNT anti noise felts.
When work is finished, the material is carefully packed and delivered quickly, with our means, according to information provided by the customer. A careful and attentive service of caretaker satisfaction allows the company to follow the customer in the post-sales service and to ensure his complete satisfaction.
Customer satisfaction is our primary objective, to the pursuit of which we place the utmost attention.

Certain products

  • Cover lights
  • Caps for cosmetics
  • Technical articles for car
  • Articles for alminium and PVC frames