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Quality control in plastic molding

Our company, which specializes in the automotive industry, is committed to providing all necessary documentation related to the components produced. In order to guarantee the quality of our products, we carry out systematic controls during all stages of production. Therefore, each stage of the production process is accompanied by the appropriate documentation to ensure product traceability and conformity.

Our commitment to maintain high quality standards is evident from the beginning of the product definition process, from the moment in which Texline receives digital data of the components to be manufactured.

From that point on, quality becomes a core value that permeates all phases of our work until the physical delivery of the parts. We do not limit our efforts to the production phase, but we are focused on ensuring the highest quality in every aspect of our activities. Quality is the common thread that guides every decision and action, confirming our commitment to delivering satisfactory products to our customers.


The ISO 9001 and IATF 16949:2016 certifications obtainedare proof of the implementation of smooth management methods and rigorous controls that enable Texline to maintain a competitive edge in the automotive, cosmetics, doors & windows, energy and other industries.

Texline srl- stampaggio a iniezione plastica - costruzioni di stampi in acciaio e alluminio - settore automotive
Production and processing of plastic materials

Texline srl

Since 1996 Texline has established itself as a point of reference in the plastic injection molding sector.

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