In addition to the molding of plastic materials, we deal with the assembly of plastic materials of parts and components to provide our customers with a finished and assembled product of absolute precision and quality.


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We offer full service from manufacturing and molding service up to the assembly of sub-components components of a more complex product

In our dedicated assembly shopfloor, manufactured components are carefully processed with the highest precision and subjected to rigorous inspection.

Our extensive experience in the automotive sector, one of the most demanding ones, guarantees our ability to deliver turnkey products. Our processes are designed to reduce lead times and optimize the entire supply chain from production to final delivery.

We are also able to offer to our customers a wide range of services, including the direct procurement of subcomponents from external companies, according to customer requirements, or in house production of other subcomponents such as tapes, grommets. Our flexibility allows us to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Prior to each assembly process, we work closely with the customer to jointly define the type and frequency of necessary inspections to ensure the best results and highest quality of the final product.