Plastic injection molding

Through the construction of pilot molds, suitable for the molding of a pre-series of pieces, the customer is able to concretely evaluate and test the finished product so that it respects the quality criteria required for mass production.


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From mold definition and manufacturing to plastics injection molding

The processing technology used to mass produce the products is injection molding with dedicated state-of-the-art presses. The main advantages of this technology are:

Injection molding

Texline works in injection molding technology with dedicated machinery.

We mold plastics and process techno polymers with high technical characteristic: these are the so-called “specialties”, i.e. high-performance and tougher materials specifically aimed at the automotive industry. In fact, our core business is the production of specialty parts for this sector.

The high level of automation of Texline’s molding processes, based on more than four decades of experience in the field, allows us to produce parts even with small dimensions and complex geometries, fully customized and without quantitative constraints on production.

Plastic injection molding for a customized product

In fact, the plastic injection molds can be standard, and therefore universal, or fully customized to meet specifical individual needs.

Before starting mass production, whether the mold is standard or customized, according to requests, we always conduct a feasibility analysis of the design, which is followed by 3D prototyping. This allows us to predict the characteristics of the final product, to make the necessary in advance optimizations and to achieve flawless results.

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